Suzanne Mills of Trinidad was found dead at home; what happened to her?

Former Newsday editor-in-chief Suzanne Mills was found dead at her home in Diego Martin. Mill’s tenets call the police after finding a strange smell from Suzanne’s home. Tenets call the fire department and firefighters break the door of the Mill’s apartment. At 11:58 pm police found Suzanne’s body on her mattress. According to her tenets, she was missing for the last 5 days. Read the full article to know the reason for her death.

Who is Suzanne Mills?

Suzanne was a former editor-in-chief at Trinidad and Tobago Newsday. She was the daughter of a former Newsday Journalist and editor-in-chief, Theresa Mills. On 16th August she was found dead in her home located at Aquamarine Drive, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin. According to her tenets, Mills was missing for the last 5 days. Tenets said they have seen Mills 5 days ago. They informed the fire department after finding a strange smell coming from Suzanne’s home. Firefighters breaks the door of the apartment and went in. After the police reached the spot they found Suzanne’s body lying on her bed at 11:58 pm.

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Suzanne was a very renowned journalist just like her mother Theresa Mills, who died in 2013, December at the age of 85.  Her death made everyone sad. People on Facebook wrote “RIP Suzanne” everyone paid their condolences to the Suzanne Mills family.

Former Newsday Journalist And Editor Suzanne Mills Found Dead

What was the Reason for Suzanne’s death?

Suzanne Mills was found dead at her home. Although the main reason for her death is still unknown, people are relating her death to her mental disorder. In 2019 she went missing for 3 days. On 16th August 2019 she was reported missing but authorities found her on 19th August 2019.

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She told that she had a Bipolar Episode, a chronic disease she was suffering from. She had a maniac mind and she didn’t believe she was missing. According to her, she spent her time at a Hilton Hotel. She went there to hide from the nurses who want to confine her in St. Anne’s Hospital.

Suzanne Mills From Trinidad Was Found Dead: What Happened To Former Newsday Editor? - HindiAble

We pay our respects to the Suzanne Mills family and her loved ones. May she Rest In Peace.

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