Super Cub Episode 12: Release Date & Time, Preview [ English Sub]

Super Cub Episode 12 Release Date

Super Cub episode 12 will be releasing on June 23rd, 2021. Although there is no official confirmation and neither the time is yet decided. the spoilers are also not released yet so stay tuned while we update the article as soon as possible.

Where to watch Super Cub episode 12 manga?

You can watch Super Cub episodes here. Episode 12 will be available watch
here as soon as the chapter is released. You can also watch Super Cub episodes on Crunchyroll, Netflix Japan, or Funimation. You can also read Super Cub episode 12 on Viz Media.

More About Super Cub

When does someone feel freedom?  Maybe it means we are by ourselves for you. Or on the floor with a lot of people. Whatever freedom is,  we can feel it. Everybody’s definition of freedom is different and in this anime Koguma defines her. For Koguma, her motorcycle is her pride. 

The only time she feels free is when she is riding. The loneliness in the bike, her seat, and the air are what she wants. When the air touches her hair she feels freedom. Freedom from the world and all the worries. Her exact choice in motorcycle is a Honda Super Cub. It drives fast and has all the necessary gears.

Because Koguma of Super Cup has no family or friends, she roams the city at all times. Nobody is keeping a check of her accountability, is there? She often detours on her way out of school and enjoys the familiar weather.

She keeps doing so until one day she meets Reiko. Reiko is also a girl who goes to the same school and shares the ultimate interests and passion with Koguma. Watch the anime as they discover the meaning of friendship and more.

Watch The Preview:

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