Summary presentation of new Fandogamia

Summary presentation of new Fandogamia

Serra 05/07/2022 During the presentation of news from fandogamy, the publisher has given details of its future projects. However, he has not disclosed no new license. Mainly because they are working on the recently announced titles. Among the next titles to arrive will be the first volume of The Office Witch. Maka Mochida’s manga will debut in our country, predictably at the end of may. They have also anticipated Non-Helvetica Tonari I could arrive in September, but it will depend on approvals from Japan. At the moment it is already translated and has gone through correction up to three times.

As for the magazine, they will start working on it from September to be able to launch it in February. In addition, they have advanced that they plan to announce new licenses around October and November.

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