Steam Deck Joystick Drift Was Caused By Firmware Bug, Valve Says

by Antonio Delgado 2 hours ago Yesterday we told you about a problem that some users of Valve’s portable “console”, the Steam Deck, were experiencing related to a malfunction of their Joysticks that caused movements to be recognized that the user had not accomplished. This ruling, popularly known as “drift”many users of the Nintendo Switch have already suffered (9 out of 10 controls of this console fail after 2 years) However, unlike the popular Nintendo hybrid console, it seems that in this case it is not a hardware failure, but a firmware one. This means that it is fixable without the need to physically repair the console. At least that is what Lawrence Yang, one of Valve’s designers, has assured, claiming that his team has investigated this problem and has concluded that it is a software issue built into the latest Steam Deck firmware update. This problem is related to a bug in the Joystick movement control, which does not correctly detect the joystick regression when returning to the dead zone (the one where the movement of the stick is not taken into account).
Geeknetic The Drift of the Steam Deck Joysticks was caused by a firmware bug, they say at Valve 1
Fortunately for users of the Steam Deck, Valve has released an update to fix the issue.

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Article Writer: Antonio Delgado

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