Square Enix opens a YouTube channel with soundtracks

Square Enix opens a YouTube channel with soundtracks

the japanese company Square Enix has taken a step forward with the preservation of its intellectual property. Since March 9, 2022, an official YouTube channel has been available exclusively for soundtracks of their productions. Through this move, the company maintain control of your licenses while sharing them with his followers.
Square Enix
This channel currently accumulates more than 5000 songs belonging to sagas like final-fantasy, Nier, dragon quest or Octopath Traveler. In addition, to speed up web browsing, the compositions have been divided into playlists corresponding to their original franchises.

Square Enix is a Japanese video game developer that houses a lot of popular sagas of different genres and themes. It is the fusion of Square Soft and Enix carried out in 2003, two companies that until then were considered rivals. Examples of this are the Japanese sagas Kingdom Hearts, dragon quest, final-fantasy, Nier, The World Ends With You or StarOcean, among other. Video games developed in the West, video game sagas such as Tomb Raider, Life is Strange or Just Cause, highly known, are also not missing from the event. The aforementioned video games have been released on many platforms, from consoles to mobile devices and have been distributed more recently by Koch Media mostly. Source: Square Enix

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