Spain retains the second Russian yacht, the ‘Lady Anastasia’ in Mallorca

It is the second vessel that the Government provisionally retains in Spain

This is the ship that tried to sink a Ukrainian worker

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has provisionally retained the Russian yacht ‘Lady Anastasia’ in Port Adriano, in the municipality of Calvià. As confirmed by the Government Delegation in the Balearic Islands this Tuesday, it is the second vessel that is provisionally retained in Spain since the sanctions against Russia were agreed. The first was in Barcelona this Monday. For the time being, information will be collected to confirm the actual ownership of the vessel. Specific, It will be verified whether the property, possession or control of the vessel corresponds or not to a natural or legal person included in the list. of persons or entities from the package of sanctioning measures. The owner of the ship is the Russian arms manufacturer Alexander Mijeev, as it emerged when a Ukrainian worker on the ship tried to sink it a few days ago, but checks must be made.

A Ukrainian worker tried to sink it

The provisional retention has been communicated to the head of the State Tax Administration Agency, to the institutions dedicated to the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the State Security Forces and Corps so that they can carry out the verification actions. If it is verified that it belongs to a person or entity sanctioned by the European Council, it will be immobilized. In statements to Europa Press, the Director of Operations at Port Adriano, Isabel Teruel, has indicated that in the ‘Lady Anastasia’ does not fly any Russian flag and the ownership of the vessel is in the name of a company, although it is the same ship that the Ukrainian operator tried to sink in February. It should be remembered that the employee was arrested days later by Civil Guard agents. Apparently, the operator saw on television a Russian cruise missile in a block of flats in which there were civilians. Therefore, he returned to the yacht where he works and informed other members of the crew, also Ukrainians, of his intentions to sink the boat so that they would abandon it. It was the members themselves who stopped his intentions. Teruel has indicated that, as indicated by the Maritime Captaincy, Port Adriano must report any type of movement or intention that the yacht has to leave the port. In this case, the order that the department has passed on to its employees is to do not fuel the ‘Lady Anastasia’.
“If we see any intention to leave, we have orders to immediately notify the Maritime Captaincy and the Civil Guard,” stressed the director, who has assured that a GC patrol is currently guarding the boat.

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