Sonsoles Ónega presents one of the most unknown (and beloved) members of his family

Celebrity Instagram Sonsoles Ónega

Sonsoles Ónega boasts of having a very large family in which, in addition to their two children, they have the unconditional love of three pets

Sonsoles Onega could not be more proud of his great family. On a very special weekend for her, such as Book Day, the presenter of ‘It’s already noon’ has taken advantage of her Instagram profile to introduce one of the most unknown (and beloved) members of your family, a dog that has accompanied him for many years and responds to the name of Margaret. In the funny snapshot, Sonsoles Ónega hugs this pretty boxer that has given so much happiness not only to her but also to her two children. But it is not her only pet, Margaret is accompanied by Taker, a beige Labrador retriever and… a duck!Sonsoles Ónega presents one of her dogs Instagram @sonsolesonega It was during one of her programs when the presenter neither cut nor lazy revealed that she had a duck at home: “It’s very good for children, because if they grow up with animals then they are more affectionate “, counted. A large family of six that she is deeply proud of.

“I don’t want to have any more children”

It was during one of his interventions in the Fresh of ‘It’s already noon’ when Sonsoles revealed quite naturally that he did not intend to have more children. The presenter had made reference to the heat that she was on the set and her taste for sweets, some comments that led Alba Carrillo to joke with the idea that she Sonsoles was pregnant. “I’m not going to have any more children, I don’t want to have any more. It’s a certainty in my life”responded emphatically to what the model replied with a sense of humor: “What an unfair life, me wanting to have a child and you who have closed the factory.” Sonsoles Ónega is the mother of two children: Yago and Gonzalo, fruit of her marriage to Carlos Pardo and at 44 years old, she has ended her experience with motherhood.

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