Sonsoles Ónega adopts a new lifestyle after overcoming covid

It’s already noon Sonsoles Ónega

After a few days of absence in ‘It’s already noon’ as a result of his positive for covid, Sonsoles Ónega has confessed on his return to work how his habits have changed as a result of isolation

Sonsoles Ónega has returned 100% to ‘It’s already noon’ after overcoming covid. After the May Bridge, it was his partner and substitute Marc Calderó who broke the news of his contagion and has continued to take charge of the program during his absence. Upon her expected and happy return, the presenter has given details of how she has coped with isolation and, as there is no harm in the wind, Sonsoles Ónega has been able to take the positive side of the situation, assuming a benefit for your body and your day to day.There are those who have been desperate to verify that the antigen test was positive for covid. Undoubtedly, surely that was the first impulse of Sonsoles Ónega and his immediate environment. It is not easy to face those days of contagion if you also have to be in isolation because the symptoms are not so mild. However, the presenter of Telecinco is a restless woman and, above all, an optimistic spirit, capable of taking her ground and controlling the situation. In her case, Quarantine has helped him adopt a new lifestyle with healthier eating routines.Sonsoles Ónega, again in ‘It’s already noon’ after overcoming the covid Telecinco
“With the covid I have detoxified myself from other bad habits,” he told his companions after his return to the set. “I took the opportunity to detox from things I ate in the afternoon”, he said referring to that habit of snacking between meals and that ends up making a dent in our health. It is clear that Sonsoles Ónega is a woman who takes care of herself and tries to transmit and make her children aware of the importance of having a balanced diet and leading an active life, even though ‘weakness’ is always present. In her specific case, she is very aware of Type 1 Diabetes that her young son was diagnosed with. Referring to this situation (and also to his recent covid), he declared: “I have learned over the years and due to illness.”

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