Son Ye Ji formally apologizes for controversy

Almost a year after the controversy in which she was involved in her relationship with the actor Kim Jung-hyun, Seo Yeji has given a formal apology. Recall that last year, the actress came under fire after Dispatch published a report that included text messages from Seo Yeji and then her boyfriend, Kim Jung-hyun. The report noted that the actress had instructed the actor to request that the script for the drama “Time”also starring the actress Seohyun, was modified to eliminate physical contact between him and his co-star. feminine.

Although the agency Seo Yeji responded to the report with an official statement, the actress did not personally address the issue, even as she left projects such as the drama “islands” of OCN. However, this has changed in recent hours. The actress gave a formal response regarding the controversy, more than 10 months after the scandal occurred. Her statement was as follows:

Hello, I am Seo Ye Ji. First, I sincerely apologize for the fact that I am conveying my feelings so late through these written words. Seeing all the reproaches and so many things that have been said about me, I have taken some time to reflect on myself until now. I would like to sincerely apologize for making many people uncomfortable due to my shortcomings. Once again, I sincerely bow my head and apologize for greatly disappointing you. This was all due to my immaturity and I will work hard to behave more carefully in the future and show you a more mature version of myself.

After being out of the public eye, the actress is preparing to return to the small screen in the upcoming tvN drama. “Eve”, which is already starting to make news with the script reading. Believe it or not, everyone has the option to see or not see their work. Someone from the production told a reporter that they were worried about the outcome of the drama if Seo Ye Ji didn’t apologize before the premiere, then… why would they hire her if they even have those kinds of worries? Credits: Soompi

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