Some like it weird. Trailer for ‘Barbaque’

Sophie and Vincent have run a family butcher shop for over ten years. His small business is on the verge of bankruptcy, and his marriage is falling apart. All seems lost when Vincent accidentally kills a vegan activist who trashed his store. The only solution Vincent can think of is to dispose of his body by turning it into ham… which his wife will inadvertently sell. This is the argument of ‘barbecue‘, a comedy written, directed and starring the French comedian Fabrice EbouĂ© that we had the opportunity to see at the last edition of the Sitges Festival. In the words of a server, a film “with which it is impossible not to think about the public award, since they have been designed to be eligible for it and, if necessary, be a more than worthy winner.” And it is that it is “a very black, acid and incorrect comedy that works as a clear, simple and light entertainment that also endures the type from beginning to end”. In short, “its credibility may be questionable, but not its genuinely hooligan and social festive spirit. 90 minutes that pass like a sigh between laughter, smiles and a welcome carnivorous bad milk” that will premiere on April 27 on Movistar Plus +.

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