Solo Leveling Chapter 156: Release Date and Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date

Solo leveling chapter 156 will be releasing on the 16th of July, 2021 within the timeframe of 12 pm and 4 pm (Eastern Time). This is the date for the release of the English version of the manga.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 156

Read Solo Leveling Chapters on Twistedmanga, Manga Owl, and even on its dedicated site! Find here all the latest chapters and a community. On Manga Owl find people with similar interests to communicate with. Also, find similar stories to bookmark for later and enjoy!

More About Solo Leveling

Nothing is crazy in the world we live in. Dinosaurs, flying cars, hunters, angels, and even monsters. Set in a modern time, Solo Leveling shows a weak boy named Sung Jin-Woo with special unknown powers. He is a boy who everyone called “hunters” with the power to kill monsters.

He got this chance because of “the gate”. It was the one in Solo Leveling who connected the monstrous world to our world. So he and many other everyday people got the power to hunt them. But the power only works within the gate itself. And not all hunters are powerful. Sung Jin-Woo is one of them. He risks everything for the minimum pay in the badest of bad dungeons. Just as he was about to die, he discovers his powers.

But to his surprise, being the chosen one was not great. Nobody could know of it and he had to work double if he wanted to save the world. Many levels ahead of him and no training to support him. So now what? He decides to go for it. Read Solo Leveling Chapters as he becomes one of the strongest S-rank Hunter!

Raw scans of Solo Leveling Chapter 156

Monsters are waiting at the gate of S-Rank. Thomas Andre and Lennart are also here with all the hunters in Seoul. Andre, Lennart, and Jin-Woo are the ultimate triple squad. Jin-Woo is the one responsible for all the safety of the S-Rank gate. Both Woo Jin-Cheol and Yu Jin-Ho are head over heels over the fact that they can’t reach Jin. Beast looks worried about Lennart even when he is in action. Well, these are the spoilers of Solo leveling chapter 156.


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