Sold out the first edition of My sister's friend

Sold out the first edition of My sister's friend

Fujur Editions announces that the first edition of My Sister's Friend, by Battan, has sold out. The publisher thanks readers for their commitment to this work and reveals that they hope to have reprints available very soon.

Battan wrote and illustrated this manga in 2019 in the pages of Leed 's Torch magazine, being collected in a single volume . This now comes to us in a volume of 192 pages in paperback with soft cover and dust jacket in B6 format (130 x 180 mm). The sale price of the volume will be €8.50 .

"At 14 years old, my first lover is my sister's ex-best friend"

Ruriko, a high school student, reconnects with Kyouko, who was the best friend of her sister, Natsu. From then on, Ruriko starts meeting Kyouko after class. The time he spends secretly with her is exhilarating, like being under the spell of an enchantment, nothing to do with his high school classmates…

“Her fragrance of an adult woman captivates me; and those eyes that look at me incessantly make my heart flutter… Sister, Kyouko, why did you have to separate?”

This is the story of three women who first learned the meaning of "true love."

Source: Fujur Editions

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