Six challenges for teachers of the future

Teachers have long ceased to be simple transmitters of knowledge: they are figures in continuous learning who have to evolve at the pace of their students. According to the UOC, these are the challenges for teachers that they will have to face to achieve this.

think better than memorize

The educational model is changing towards critical and open teaching. They must apply tools that allow the new generations to develop freely from the personal, intellectual and social point of view.

change the role

Listening to the student, collaborating with other experts and even with parents are skills that the teachers of the future must adopt. The authoritarian figure of the past is transformed into a more egalitarian one: it must be related in a more horizontal way with the students, passing from the transmission of knowledge to the accompaniment in learning.


They have helped to apply new methodologies in the classroom, but they also mean that teachers are in a constant process of updating. Not only must they use new technologies in class, but they also have to educate students in their responsible use.

normalize diversity

Educational centers have to become inclusive spaces that guarantee the presence, participation and progress of those who are disadvantaged, either because they have a disability or because they are in a disadvantaged economic situation. This can only be achieved through new educational projects.

Accompany as well as transmit

challenges for teachers

Guiding and accompanying are fundamental parts in the transfer of knowledge. In this aspect, the position of authority of the teacher must continue to be recognized by the students, as well as by their families. Accompanying does not mean losing recognition, however, nor should authority be confused with power.

Involve parents

Co-responsibility for learning between teachers and parents is increasingly necessary: ​​families have to participate in the decisions of educational centers, but it is necessary to set limits. For this reason, it is important to determine in which aspects the family must intervene and in which the space must be reserved for teachers.

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