There are people who by their nature tend to connect better with their feelings than others, people who are capable of knowing what they are feeling and have no problem expressing it. Feelings are something very complex in our lives, but we all have them in some way. There are people who stand out more than others because they have extraordinary feelings. If you want to know what they are the signs that are pure feelingyou just have to keep reading:


Taurus, you may have a tough exterior, but you’re sentimental to the core. You love creating memories and living experiences with the people you love the most. Remembering and reliving moments that have made you happy in your past makes you the happiest person in the world. You know how to give the necessary priority to the people you really care about and you want them to do the same with you. Sometimes you act as if you don’t need anything, but Taurus, you are a very sentimental person and you need to express what you feel no matter how hard it is, you just have to find the right person to do it. You need to find that person who gives you enough confidence to not hide anything about who you are. Do not forget that you are pure feeling, let yourself go a little more and be yourself at all times. Taurus, don’t be ashamed of yourself for your feelings, you can be proud of them.


Cancer, you are pure feeling and not only because you carry your heart in your hands, but because you are super transparent with your emotions. You do not care that others know about your feelings, in fact, you prefer it. That of hiding everything that is inside you for fear of being judged is not going at all with you. Cancer, you love to spend all your time taking care of others and you would like someone to do it with you. You have a weakness for people who know how to value you, that is, your family and friends, those people who have never failed you and who have respected you at all times. You feel proud of yourself and you can be because very few people are capable of having feelings as pure as yours. You always try to make your actions agree with what you feel and that is why you are totally irresistible.


Libra, you are not shy when it comes to talking about feelings because you are made of love and affection. You are a super sociable person and you love to meet new people, but when you meet someone special you become more sentimental than usual. You’re afraid to open up and that it’s someone else that all they want is to take advantage of you, but when you really feel, you forget everything and you jump into the pool without thinking twice. You love that there are people in this world who make you lose your mind and make you bring out a side of you that you love. Libra, you are pure feeling, do not let anything or anyone make you believe otherwise. Be proud of your ability to show what you feel so easily because not everyone is capable of it. Don’t let anyone overshadow that beautiful side of you that you have.


Scorpio, you may seem like a very cold and calculating person, but deep inside, your feelings are the truest in this universe. It is possible that you do not like to express what you feel immediately, you like to take your time and face things calmly. You are not afraid to take risks, but you like to go step by step before you get more disappointments. However, if someone shows you that they care about you, do not hesitate to jump into the pool and bet on that relationship. Your feelings are always what will set the pace of your life and that is why you can say that you are pure feeling. You are made of a material that very few people understand, that is, affection and love. Only you know what you are made of and what you are capable of as long as you can satisfy your heart, so get down to work and don’t feel bad about anything you do.


Pisces, it is no surprise to anyone to find you in this article. You may be the most sentimental person in the universe and the truth is that you love that, although it is true that sometimes it brings you a lot of headaches. You love creating special and creative moments with the people you love the most because you know that those are the ones that will remain etched in your memory and you can remember them whenever you want for years. There is nothing you like more in this life than feeling nice things for others. You believe that being a sentimental person is a privilege, and the truth is that you are correct. Pisces, be proud of being the person you are and don’t let anything or anyone make you feel inferior for being final to your principles. Very few people have the privilege of feeling everything your heart feels, so value it as you deserve.

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