Should you buy the PS5? we tell you

The PS5 landed last year with the intention of continuing to evolve the PlayStation family and, since its launch, PlayStation 5 has already positioned itself as one of the most demanded new generation consoles. But why is it in such high demand? Is it worth buying the PS5?

PS5 Features

The PS5 is a powerful console in all aspects. It has an integrated ultra fast SSDwith which we do not have to wait to load the games we want to play, we simply select the title and we get into the game right away. This SSD not only gives us more time to enjoy the console, but also this technology allows us to run more extensive and content-rich games. A good example would be the upcoming PS5 exclusive Racthet & Clank: A Separate Dimension, which uses this technology so that the player can move between worlds smoothly and without loading screens. Visually, the PS5 not only offers us a superior graphic section, but also the possibility of viewing games at 8K and with a fluidity of 120 FPS. As for the sound section, PS5 is committed to a 3D immersion with which it can be identified exactly where the different sounds in the environment come from. In addition, the new DualSense controller has a haptic vibration that allows us to feel our surroundings.

Which version of PS5 to buy

Today there are two versions of PS5: the PS5 with disc reader and the digital ps5. The difference is basically that one can play physical games (the one with a disc drive) and the other only digital games. In addition, the PS5 with reader can play physical movies on Ultra HD Blu-Ray. In terms of graphic power, resolution and technical capabilities, the two are on par. Knowing that they are identical consoles despite one differencewhich PS5 is better?

Which is better?

We have already mentioned that both the PS5 with reader and the PS5 digital version are consoles that in terms of performance and power have the same characteristics. Now, when buying one or the other you should ask yourself the following questions: Do you usually buy physical editions of your PS5 games? Do you like physical collector’s editions? Do you watch movies in physical format? if you have answered ‘Yes’ to at least 2 of the above questions, you should get the PS5 with disc readerOtherwise, you should go for the digital version.

PS5 prices

There is also a big difference that hasn’t been mentioned: the price of the ps5. And it is that if we decide on the digital version, we would save about 100 €, since the PS5 with disc reader costs €499.99 while the digital version costs €399.99. Even so, we have to ask ourselves: are we really saving if we decide to go digital? The truth is that PS5 digital games today continue to being more expensive than physical PS5 games, which would mean additional spending on games for users of a digital PS5. In addition, if we choose the PS5 with a disc reader, we can also access the second hand market and get the best price PS5 games, as well as sell them to other users and earn money.

When will the PS5 be available for purchase?

The launch of PS5 was a resounding success in sales, and today more than 4 million consoles have been sold worldwide, making the PS5 the fastest selling console in history. Although PS5 has done very well, the truth is that they are not meeting the demand. And it is that one of the great problems of PS5 is the lack of stock. Sony reported that they are having problems with the supplies of the semiconductors, essential parts for the manufacture of the PS5. However, the company has already requested that the production of this be increased. In the event that this happens, we would begin to see more stock in the second half of 2021.

Where to buy the cheapest PS5

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