Shawn Levy will direct the third installment of ‘Deadpool’

The director of ‘Just married’, ‘Twelve at home’, ‘Crazy night’, the three installments of ‘Night at the museum’, ‘Pure steel’, ‘The interns’ or the most recent ‘Free Guy’ will also be , in principle, of the third installment of ‘dead pool’. In principle, because according to THR, the filmmaker and 20th Century Studios are still negotiating the contract, even though it seems very unlikely that they will not reach an agreement when it comes to a personal choice of the star of the saga, Ryan Reynolds. In this way, Shawn Levy will replace Tim Miller, director of the first film, and David Leitch, director of his first sequel, in what will be the first film based on a Marvel Comics character to be produced by what was known as “Fox.” since the purchase of this by Disney. Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin (‘Bob’s Burgers’, ‘The Great North’) are the writers of this third installment of which nothing is known for now, except for the fact that its cast will once again be led by the aforementioned Ryan Reynolds. The question now is to know which project will have priority: If the third installment of ‘dead pool’ or the sequel to ‘Free Guy’

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