Seraph of the end chapter 119

Seraph Of The End Chapter 119 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scans, Color Page

Last time we checked, the Vampire trope was everyone’s favorite! And that’s still the case even now. This Japanese manga of the dark fantasy genre will surely make your blood curl. Read the full piece to know Seraph of the End chapter 119 release date, raw scans, and color pages along with it bonus spoilers!

This series was first launched in the year 2012. Immediately after that, it became the 3rd bestselling manga in New York Times. As of the latest, 13 million copies have been printed for this spooky manga series. Moreover, it has also been adapted into anime which has 2 seasons and is available to stream on Netflix. Let’s know the basic plot first.


Set in a post-apocalyptic or dystopian world, a man-made virus has taken the lives of the human race, perishing the world. Now only people who are left are children below 13 years of age as the alleged virus does not affect them. What happens next? Vampires ascend from the unknown pockets of the earth. Their next step is to hold children captive under their extermination unit. Our main protagonist  Yūichirō Hyakuya refuses to be livestock for these blood-sucking creatures. He is ready for reprisal for his dead family and to get back his best friend Mikaela from the wrath of these creepy Vampires. 

Seraph Of The End Chapter 119 Release Date

Seraph of the end chapter 119

As of now, 118 Chapters of this Vampire trope manga have been released for the public. Seraph of the End chapter 119 is set to roll out on Monday 3rd October 2022. If you are deciding to read it or already reading the series, we would suggest you skim through previous chapters for a better understanding. Reading the manga from the mid wouldn’t be a gratifying experience.

Some of the loyal fans of this demon manga have also shared their experience citing it as wonderful. They like to go back to the series again and again. That’s high praise. If a manga is worth reading multiple times, then it is a winner! The credits for penning and illustrating the manga go to Takaya Kagami and Yamato Yamamoto respectively.

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Raw Scans 

Seraph of the end chapter 119
Seraph Of The End Chapter 119 raw scans

Usually, Raw Scans are available around 3 to 4 days before the original release date of the chapter. These raw scans are necessary to build up the excitement among the fans so they look forward to the next update. Photos, snippets, and written spoilers in digital print are some of the way in which it is available. Manga fandom is always on it’s toes as any time, updates from their favorite series can drop! 

Raw Scans of Seraph of the End Chapter 119 will be up for the audience from 28th-29th September 2022. For this, head to their official fan pages on platforms- Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and 4chan. These platforms have every possible information about your favorite manga and have become a trusted source. We recommend it to you! 

A Quick Recap And Bonus Spoiler

Seraph of the end chapter 119

The previous chapter 118 ended on a lot of cliffhangers. It became a puzzle-solving riddle for the manga lovers to decode what is Yu on? Yuichiro gave an ambiguous statement that all he wants is to protect his family. Does he still consider guren and squad as a part of his family or does he referred it to Mika? The best highlight of the chapter was Mika gaining his sanity (which he already was) back and taking Mika away from guren’s planning. Makers have decided to knock some senses into Yu and let him take his own decisions. 

Spoilers for Seraph of the End Chapter 119 are not known as of now. However, the last chapter was a complete banger and nothing less is expected from the writers now. Fans speculate that Ashera is not dead and will retreat back into the series. Your guesses?

Where To Read?

If this Vampire-Reign manga series piques your interest, you can head to the platforms- Viz and Mangaplus. Wait for Seraph of the End chapter 119 to see how the events unfold.

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