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Have you decided to sell the Xbox One? Selling the Xbox One can become hard. If we decide to sell the second-hand Xbox One console through a specialized gaming store or a buy-sell store, it is most likely that offer us a much lower price than we had planned to sell it (besides that they will later resell it at a much higher price). On the other hand, if we turn to online buying and selling apps and portals, we will find that users They try to negotiate the price of our Xbox One or make an exchange with another product. So where can we sell the Xbox One?

Where do I sell the Xbox One?

If you are tired of being offered so little for your second-hand Xbox One or trying to negotiate your price, you will be interested to know that The 247PrimeNewsthe marketplace specialized in gamingoffers you the possibility to buy and sell your Xbox One to other players No commissions, by the price you choose and without leaving home.

How long will it take to sell the Xbox One?

The 247PrimeNews, being a marketplace specialized in gaming, you will sell your xbox one faster than in other general buying and selling. In addition, another benefit of selling on The 247PrimeNews is that you don’t have to see the buyersince the sale is made totally online and is sent by post.

How to sell the Xbox One in The 247PrimeNews

As we have mentioned before, in The 247PrimeNews sell your second-hand Xbox One console too easy and you can sell for free from your mobile or PC.

1. Select the type of ad

When you want to sell a console on The 247PrimeNews, in this case a second-hand Xbox One, you go to the ‘Advertisements‘ from your user panel, and select the option ‘Consoles‘. Once you have clicked on ‘Consoles’, select the console you want to sell and you specify the model.

2. Select color and Capacity

The next step is going to be specify color of your Xbox One console. As you can see, there are many color options for the Xbox One console, but in the case that the color does not appear among the optionsyou will have to click/tap on ‘Other‘. Further down, you will need to specify the capacity of your Xbox One consolethat is, how much storage does it have.

3. Condition and description

In this step, you will have to specify the condition of your Xbox One console secondhand. There is a drop down menu where you will see the different options. Pay attention to the description on the right from the drop-down menu, and choose the option that is closest to the current state of your Xbox One console. Once you have selected the condition, it is recommended to write a small Product description detailing the condition of your Xbox One console.

4. Take and upload photos

The next thing to do is upload photos of your Xbox One console. Photos are recommended to be be of qualitywhat teach the product well and at least 3(optional), for sell faster.

5. Choose shipping method

The last step will be to choose the shipping method. To do this, fill in the product dimensions as well as the weight of this Sounds good? Start selling on The 247PrimeNews here.

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