Sehun (EXO) Confirmed As Lead In “Love, Hara High School”

On March 24, Sports Chosun reported that Sehun EXO’s has been cast in the lead role of TVING’s original drama “Love, Hara High School” (literal title). SM Entertainment confirmed the news and said that Sehun will play the main character Go Yoo. “Love, Hara High School” depicts the strong friendship and heartfelt love story of 18-year-olds who cannot give up on love or friendship. The drama deals with the unique theme of cellular memory, hypothesizing that memory is transferred to organ transplant recipients.

Sehun will take on the lead role of Go Yoo, an 18-year-old student in his second year at Hara High School. Go Yoo grows bigger every day, and is often praised as a basketball genius, which he originally started to grow up. He is also a charming student who manages to do at least average in school despite not studying. Go Yoo is too busy to go out and is worried about protecting Joon Hee, but after donating his kidney to Joon Hee, he becomes a rival in love with Joon Hee for the number 1 student in the school and his first love, So Yeon. , due to a particular cellular memory syndrome.

Sehun on “Now we are breaking up” Previously, Sehun starred in “EXO Next Door” in 2015 and “ Dokgo Rewind ” in 2018. He also made his big screen debut through “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” and recently participated in the drama «Now We Are Breaking Up ” from SBS. “Love, Hara High School” is written by the screenwriter Kang Bo Ra and will be led by the PD Kim Jin Sungwho previously worked at “ The Great Queen Seondeok ” and “ Kangchi, the Beginning ”. “Love, Hara High School” will begin filming in April and will premiere sometime this year through TVING. Credits Soompi

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