Second Husband Episode 78 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler [Eng Sub] And Watch Online


Second Husband is a South Korean television drama series that revolves around the Bong Seon-Hwa and her family surrounded by the bonbon company. Furthermore, keep reading this article to know more about Second Husband Episode 78 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, And Where To Watch.

Second Husband is a romance-melodrama series that surround Bong Seon Hwa’s. In her childhood days, she did not enjoy her life. But due to this smart and positive personality, she has grown up. She fall in love with Moon Sang Hyuk who was her neighbor. They both dated for a year and have a child. But, Sang Hyuk makes a with Jae-Kyung whose father runs a wealthy company. For his selfish ambitions, he dumps her and their baby. Suddenly, his wife and child die and he remains a prime suspect of murder. Then she meets with Jae-Min and he falls in love with her.

Recap Of Second Husband Episode 78

Before moving ahead to Second Husband Episode 78, let’s recap the previous episode of the drama.

Jae Min and Seon Hwa were tense when Sharon’s fake mother recognize Jae Kyung. Things get complicated but they remain on track. However, the woman explained that she and Jae Kyung has worked in the cage in the US. The women clearly remember the meeting because Jae Kyung is the one who throws the hot coffee on herself. As a result, a scar remains on her arm. As a scene, we know that Jae Kyung is not giving proper treatment to this woman. But their plan is going perfectly the way they plan it.

Jae Min’s parents are very smart who get impressed by Sharon’s family’s wealth. They even got more compliments when Sharon’s family bring expensive gifts for them. Also, it is amazing to see the suffering of Jae Kyung. By looking at Sharon she keeps getting angry. She asked Jae Min if she is planning to settle in another house after his marriage. By his answer, she told that she do not want to live in the same house as Sharon and she want to move out to another place.
Second Husband Episode 78 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, And Where To Watch
As fans want more scenes of Seon Hwa and Jae-Min romantic moments and Seon Hwa wants to take revenge on his husband who left her and has an affair with the wealthy girl. With the help of  Jae-Min, she will be going to take revenge and fight for the injustice.

Second Husband Episode 78 Spoiler

Second Husband Episode 78 spoiler will give you a full of unique surprises. Seon Hwa and her friends check out where Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung were hiding all their money. And when they find out they both will make sure that these two will get punishment. Sang Hyuk and her friends make plan to rob the Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk money. Now in the upcoming episode when have to see whether their mission is accomplished or not. It is quite a risky plan but the audience is getting more interested in the new twist and turns. It thinks that the fans are liking the revenge.

Where To Watch Second Husband Episode 78

Second Husband Episode 78 is going to be first streamed on the official website MBC at 7:15 PM (KST). After release, it will be premiered on different south television drama websites. It includes Kissasian, DramaCool, and DramaFire. This drama is an ongoing episode and it is becoming so famous not only in Korea but in other countries also. For the international audience, you can watch Second Husband Episode 78 only on Rakuten Viki and Kocowa.

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Second Husband Episode 78 Release Date

Second Husband Episode 78 will be going to release on 7th December 2021. The series consists of 120 episodes and each episode makes the fans more curious about what will happen next. Day by Day this drama is becoming a favorite for the audience. And we know finally that Jae Min and Seon Hwa finally got married. So let’s wait for the upcoming twist which will go to release tomorrow. This drama is directed by the well-known director Kim Chil-bong and written by Seo Hyeon-Joo. Watch the teaser of Second Husband and stay tuned with us for further updates.


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