School 2021 Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Watch Online & What to Expect,

School 2021 Episode 1 is finally getting its release this year after much delays and deliberations since 2020. The refreshing coming-of-age show will once again take the fans to their school days. Now, let’s know in detail about School 2021 what to expect, release date, cast, watch online.

School 2021 Episode 1: What to Expect?

School 2021 will feature the lives of eighteen students in their high school days. They decide to choose another way in their life rather than taking the entrance exam. Furthermore, they enter a specialized high school. It will portray the romances, struggles, friendships, excitement, dreams, and many other things between them. They will also have to learn to grow and develop ahead in their life. It is the School franchise series’s eighth instalment. Each of the students has their share of past and pain. Thus, School 2021 will bring forward all the mentioned things.

The previous School franchises also have never failed to meet the expectations of the people. It always brings out something new that makes it interesting to look out for the show. Such will also be the case for the upcoming series. Furthermore, the drama will depict a school that most probably focus on the student’s creativity or talents other than only studying. It will be fun for watching as to what new will the series bring among the fans.

School 2021 Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Watch Online & What to Expect,

School 2021 Episode 1: Release Date

School 2021 Episode 1 is coming in the next week. Its release date is set for November 17, 2021. Hence, there are four days left until the arrival of the coming of the age show. The series consists of sixteen episodes like any other Korean show as a whole. It will air on the original network of KBS2 at 21:30 KST. Moreover, the series will release two episodes every week’s Wednesday and Thursday.

School 2021: Cast

School 2021 will see Kim Yo-Han, Jeon Seok-Ho, Choo Young-Woo, Hwang Bo-Reum-Byeol, and Choi Yi-Hyun in the leading cast. They will portray Gong Ki-Joon, Lee Kang-Hoon, Jung Young-Joo, Kang Seo-Young, and Jin Ji-Won, respectively. The series will contain various supporting casts including other students, teachers, family members, and guest roles.

School 2021 Episode 1: Where to Watch Online?

School 2021 Episode 1 will air on the KBS television network originally for the Korean nationals. However, the same will be available for watching exclusively only on one streaming platform with English subtitles as of now. It is Rakuten Viki.

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