Same Acting Style: Criticism and Praise

In my opinion, the acting style has to do not only with the actress or actor, but with the story, the character and the direction. Even so, several actresses have had roles in their hands where they have developed an exaggerated style of acting, but while some are praised, others are criticized, why? Both exaggerated and rigid acting are not reasonable and convincing ways to portray the characters. However, while rigid actors often receive poor feedback from the audience, exaggerated ones are not. Not all who exaggerate are criticized, some are even praised and receive major nominations and awards. Here is a list of actresses and the characters they have been criticized or praised for…

Hwang Jung Eum

Any viewer must admit that Hwang Jung Eum She is a capable actress in the Korean entertainment industry. For different genres, she will have different ways of acting to suit them. But every time she does a romantic comedy or a family drama, everything in the face of Hwang Jung Eum it is greatly exaggerated. His exaggeration in High kick part 2 It’s pretty light, but She Was Pretty is extremely obvious in the early stage of the drama.

However, instead of being criticized, Hwang Jung Eum He is very popular for his outrageous acting in these dramas. Her acting is rarely criticized in these two dramas and others. I left.”The Undateables“and I didn’t see”To All the Guys Who Loved Me»because I don’t really like his style of acting and the stories didn’t catch me, but I admit that his exaggeration was great for «Mystic Pop Up Bar«.

lee hyeri

Although she still gets leading roles on the Korean small screen, from the drama «Reply 1988″, Lee Hyeri He hasn’t had any more good roles. Sung Duk Sun’s character is exactly like Lee Hyeri in real life, so she didn’t have to try too hard. Many thought that she would become a successful idol-actress, but were disappointed by the direction of her career.

In the most recent dramas of lee hyeri What ‘ My Roommate Is to Gumiho” Y “moonshine«, the Korean public said that his acting was quite monotonous and the expression is more and more exaggerated. Many say that not only did he not retain the luck of Reply 1988 , but the performance also seems to get worse. Here I do not agree with them, I think their exaggerated style in «My Roomate is a Gumiho» went perfectly with the unexpected situations that became comical and sometimes dramatic, thanks to «his exaggeration» and in «moonshine«, there was not even room for exaggeration, the story is very flat, without major twists or big defining scenes. For me hyeriif he has advanced in his performance, although of course he is still young and has a long way to go.

Kim So Yeon

Many would agree that Kim So Yeon she is a capable actress, but they are also hesitant to say that they completely like her acting. Her performances in Ilaugh, Prosecutor Princess either Secret Mother for example, are liked by many, but when it comes to Penthouse , things are quite different. Seasons 2 and 3 are better, but Kim So Yeon He used too many facial expressions in season 1, which made everything unnecessarily exaggerated, according to netizens.

Except for the exultant piano scene, the emotional scenes of Kim So Yeon They are more exaggerated than usual. But as over-the-top as it is, her performance was still highly appreciated by the pundits who awarded her the Best Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Awards 2021 and the Grand Prize – Daesang at the SBS Drama Awards the same year. Especially, from Kim So Yeon I hardly see his works, his performance in «Falling for Innocence» from 2015 seemed very cold to me and then I started watching other dramas where she appeared, but I still felt that coldness from her. So, I didn’t even see”Penthouse“But that was because of the genre of the story, so I can’t say if his performance was so good that he deserved the accolades or if I still think he’s like an ice floe for me. We’ll see if in season 2 of «Tale of Nine Tailed» do I get a different feeling with it, or not…

Choi Ye-bin

Choi Ye-bin who played the daughter of the character from Kim So Yeon in Penthouse was heavily criticized by the audience due to her clenched-teeth, eye-rolling performance.

Anyone who has watched the drama knows that Ha Eun Byeol, the character, is not as stable as her peers, she gets emotional and angry easily, so it is normal that her expressions are too much. What is important is that the expression of Choi Ye-bin is too exaggerated, it also scares the viewers, true to the spirit that the writer wants to convey in the character Ha Eun Byeol. At the moment Choi Ye-binstars in a weekend family genre drama on KBS, It’s Beautiful Now«, where his character is quite normal, at least in the episode I saw…

Kim Se Jung

The drama Business Proposal in which Kim Se Jeong plays the female lead is an adaptation of a webtoon and also a romantic comedy, so if she overdoes her acting, it’s completely understandable, also, the script writer focused on developing the comedy, so I use the exaggerations in the characters on purpose. But what luck that the exaggeration of Kim Se Jeong as Shin Ha Ri matches the character extremely well and is also praised as the brightest charm in this drama.

Of course, there are still some comments that say they don’t feel or like the hype of Kim Se Jeong. However, compared to the number of compliments, the words of displeasure are dwarfed. The truth is the first time that a character of Kim Se Jeong He wins me over, so in addition to credit to his performance, I also give credit to the writer of the script and the creator of the webtoon.

Han Hyo Joo

He has both the Award for Best Actress as the Grand Prize – Daesang but the performance of Han Hyo Joo remains controversial to the public, especially because of the drama”W Two Worlds» . Somehow, this stunning beauty’s acting has plummeted since the drama’s release in 2016. I put it down more to the scandal of her father and brother, than her on-screen performance, we already know that Koreans don’t separate personal life from professional and Han Hyo Joo even saw her career on hold after “W Two Worlds” until her comeback in 2021 with “Happiness» from tVN.

Han Hyo Joo She was criticized for the facial expressions she used in “W Two Worlds» It was said that it was always exaggerated and that it was far from its delicate performance in the past. Maybe it’s because of the script request, but «W Two Worlds» has good results. You who think about Han Hyo Joo’s work in this drama, I ask because I haven’t seen this drama, but I saw her in «Happiness» and I was delighted with her!! Has it been overcome or do Koreans forget that it is the script and the director who guide what the actor gives on screen? Well, I am still convinced that she is not the actress, but the character, the story and the direction. What do you think?? Credits Kbizoom

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