Sakamoto Days Chapter 28 Release Date and More

Sakamoto Days Chapter 28 Release Date

Chapter 27 of Sakamoto Days is finally released. All the fans who are eagerly waiting for the next chapter might have to wait.  the release is suspected to be on 19 June, there is no guarantee. The official dates are not released yet so we can only predict. The last few chapters released at a stretch of one week and that is exactly what we are looking for with the next chapter. In the last week of June be ready with raw scans and spoilers.

The previous chapter Explained in a Nutshell

The chapter starts with Shishiba introducing Osaragi, she is the newest member of their team. They strike up a conversation about X with Sakamoto. Now suddenly the war starts for finding out Lu. “The invisible bastard” is caught. Taro Sakamoto is unable to catch up to it all and the girls have left him behind because of some business work. The conversation is going on when in between Heisuke comes to the rescue. And this is where the chapter ends.

Where to Read the Manga?

You can Read Sakamoto Days online here. Sakamoto Days Chapter 28 will be available to read here as soon as the chapter is released. You can also read Sakamoto Days on Viz

The Plot of Sakamoto Days

One underworld king feared by all. This is the dream of one hitman. No one knows him just yet and he does not invite it. he wants to be at the top no matter what it takes. he wants to be legendary and so he will be. . he has already put his mind, his body, and his soul in it. why would one want to be that? well, he does not know that himself. he wanted a purpose and now he has it. He wants even his death to be legendary.

Every plan he has starts to break down. He is so focused that God does the unthinkable with him. He fells in love. In love with an ordinary woman. Love can mess everyone up. And it happened to him also. Love can change everybody, even him. He ended up with a big family. Not only that, he gained weight. Not all can handle such a vast responsibility. for getting everything he just wanted to focus on his family. this made him give uncontrollable weight. even if you wanted to he just grew overweight.

He has left his past. He does not want anything to do with that world now. which is his wish not his fellow hitmen’s. With time, he has to choose between one of them. either he can protect his family or let them kill him and his family. He is just a store owner now. Sakamoto, Shin, Esper, and a dedicated employee together handle the store. his family is not even aware of his past. He just now has to protect his family or get killed once and for all.

This is all we know about Sakamoto Days Chapter 28 release date. Stay tuned for future spoilers!


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