Sadie Sink’s Dating Life and Sexuality Explored

Sadie Sink’s Dating Life has not been Explored like that of her Fellow Actors and Actresses. Furthermore, Keep reading to find out details about her personal life.

Sadie Sink is an American Actress and Model. She is best known for starring in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Sadie was born in Brenham, Texas. Furthermore, she has three older brothers along with a younger sister. However, She used to be a vegetarian but now has embraced a vegan lifestyle. She recently starred in the Short Film All too Well. Which was directed by Taylor Swift. The movie was in response to the ownership dispute over the master recordings. Taylor will be re-recoding all 6 of her Studio Albums to regain ownership over them. She was nominated for the MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2018 for her work in Stranger Things.

Sadie Sink – Ethnicity

Her Parents are Lori and Casey Sink. Her Father Casey Adam Sink is a Rugby Coach. And her Mother Lori Elizbeth Sink is a Mathematics Teacher. Her Ethnicity is English, Irish, German, Scottish, and Possibly more.

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Sadie Sink's Dating Life and Sexuality Explored

Sadie Sink’s Dating Life

Rumor has it The Stranger Things star is dating Patrick Alwyn. Patrick is the Brother of Joe Alwyn who is dating Taylor Swift. Furthermore, The fact that she was cast in Taylor Swift’s short film has fans speculating. But there was no confirmation from either party so we can assume it’s false. She is a very talented actress and is therefore very busy. However, Sadie said that she will be focusing on her career. Therefore she does not have the time for Relationships. But who knows what the future might bring.

Is Sadie Gay?

No, she is not. She has dated guys before. However, We know that isn’t much in terms of proof. But that is all that is we have to go on. She has not come out of the closet. Well, she might not even be in the closet. However, Without any confirmation from Sadie herself, we can assume is that she is fact Straight.

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