Sabrent releases its 8TB Rocket 4 Plus to the public

Last year we already mentioned that Sabrent was preparing 8TB capacity NVMe drivessomething that, as we can read in Guru 3D, has finally happened, allowing $1,499 holders to have a high-performance home SSD with this kind of capacity.
Among the specifications of Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 8TB we find a PCI Express 4.0 interface with support for ONFi 2.3, 3.0, 3.2 and 4.0 interfaces, in addition to having the classic features of any SSD such as over-provisioning, error correction code, bad block management and advanced wear leveling.
Geeknetic Sabrent releases its 8TB Rocket 4 Plus to the public
Its speeds on a PCI Express 3.0 motherboard are up to 3400MB/s sequential read and up to 3000MB/s sequential write, although for one thing its random performance hasn’t been mentioned, plus the oddity of not having tested this drive on a PCI Express 4.0 board, which probably means the performance isn’t increased that much. The latter would not be too strange, because on many occasions heart attack speeds are sacrificed to provide enormous amounts of memory, and in the case of this 8TB capacity unit from Sabrent, it would not be for less. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
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