Russia bombs Ukrainian oil facilities in Odessa

Russian forces have attacked this Sunday an oil facility in Odessa. the ukrainian port It is the main base of the Ukrainian Navy along with those of Mariupol and Mykolaiv. The Russian bombs have caused a huge fire in the facilities and the attacks they have also destroyed a refinery in the central Poltava region, according to local officials who say that people living near the Odessa refinery were shocked by the magnitude of the attack. “The windows blew out, it was terrifying,” said a resident whose children woke up terrified to hear the explosions. The Odessa city council has recognized that it is a “critical infrastructure” that was hit by missiles. The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that its army destroyed the refinery and three fuel storage facilities. that were being used by Ukraine to supply its troops near the city of Mykolaiv. Odessa has been a focus of Russian attacks because, if taken, it would allow Moscow to build a land corridor to Transdniestria, a Russian-speaking breakaway province of Moldova that hosts Russian troops.

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