Russia blocks access to Twitter, Facebook and various app stores

by Jordi Bercial 03/04/2022 According to what we can read on CNET, it seems that Russia has also decided to carry out its own sanctions and restrictions regarding online services., and it is that access has apparently been blocked from any Russian network to Twitter and Facebook, with all that this entails. Users who have one of the two social networks to be able to know the information that arrives outside the borders, in principle will not be able to use them and will have to manage said search as much as possible, in addition to not being able to become vocal in case something happens within the country.

Access to application stores has also been blocked, which would prevent many users from downloading applications from the main news portals, thus preventing easy access to news that would otherwise be easily known and distributed.

Other portals that have stopped working in Russia, as we can read in Twitter, they are Medusa, BBC, Radio Svoboda, and even Wikipedia, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, so the current situation is quite stark for Russian Internet-dependent users. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!
Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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