Rookie Cops Season 2- Release Date, News, Cast, Spoilers And Where to Watch? 

Rookie Cops Season 2- Release Date, News, Cast, Spoilers And Where to Watch? 

K-Drama fans where are you? Rookie cops is one of the most-watched and highest-rated K-Drama this year. Read the complete article to know about the confirmed release date, cast, and spoilers of Rookie cops season 2.


Rookie cops is a South-Korean Television series centered around Police academy students who got admission to the prestigious Korean National Police University. They are exactly what the title says ‘Rookie cops’ which loosely means recruits in the university. The main lead Wi-Seung-Hyun, a scholar who can’t tolerate injustice happening around him wants to be like his father. Whereas, we come across the female lead Go-Eun-Kang who joins the university for someone she likes. Life is not all rainbows and sunshine, and certainly not at a Police university. The show depicts the struggles of youth juggling  matters of the heart at the same time.

Rookie cops season 2

The Cast of Rookie Cops Season 1

The cast of the show is quite vibrant and well known. Kang Daniel is seen as playing the role of Wi- Seung-Hyun, a passionate aspiring police officer. The female lead is Chae-Soo-Bin playing the role of Go-Eun-Kang, a troublemaker. We are introduced to other leads- Lee-Shin-Young as Kim Tak and Park-Yoo-Na as Gi-Han-Na.

Review of rookie Cops season 1 

Rookie cops season 2

Rookie Cops season 1 was released this year in January and finished in March with a total of 16 binge-worthy episodes. With a stellar cast and good dialogue delivery, the series manages to connect with the viewers and keep up the anticipation. It gives insight into the University life of newly recruited police students. To make it easy to watch, the show is laced with slapstick comedy. A package of Friendship, Love, and ambitions!

The Release Date of Rookie Cops season 2

This show garnered a lot of fan-following and attention after the release of just a few episodes. Social networking sites are brimming with the edits, photos, and videos made by fans. It is a testimony to how many people are talking about the show. Till now, there is no official word by the producers and makers about the release date of Rookie cops season 2. As per the sources, it can be predicted that the show may come in 2023.

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Expected Cast of Rookie Cops Season 2

rookie cops season 2

As of now, the cast is not confirmed for the Rookie cops season 2. We would hope that the cast remains the same as they seemed to get along well and had a sync with each other. It would be a delight to see the magic of their chemistry on-screen again. You can also watch the behind- the-scenes videos of the show which are quite entertaining. Moreover, this was the debut K-Drama of Kang Daniel (Wi-Seung-Hyun) who is also a Heartthrob and a famous Singer-Songwriter in Korea. So fingers cross!

Where to Watch? 

The first season of the show can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar. However, it is not confirmed about the renewal of the series for Rookie cops season 2 as well. Most likely, it would be renewed but again it is our speculation. Have fun watching season 1!

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