Rockstar launches GTA+, a subscription for GTA Online for $5.99 per month

Rockstar has launched a new paid subscription that provides us with certain improvements and advantages in our Grand Theft Auto V games in its Online mode. This will especially serve users who regularly buy Shark cards, which are needed more than ever before the price of items with in-game currency. Among the improvements that GTA+ will provide, We will find a monthly income of 500,000 dollars from the game, which will allow us to buy properties, vehicles, weapons and ammunition, among other things, with zero effort. Likewise, we will be given the mechanical workshop of La Mesa, and if we already have a workshop, this workshop can be relocated at zero cost with the subscription payment.
Geeknetic Rockstar launches GTA+, a subscription for GTA Online for $5.99 per month 1
Some vehicle upgrades will also become free, while, in some cases, we can improve other vehicles at no additional cost, as is the case with the GTA V yachts, as well as the rewards for some missions related to street racing they will have a multiplier in both money and reputation.
Without a doubt, they are a good series of benefits for a monthly fee of 6 dollars per monthbut users who were already upset about the existence of Shark cards they will definitely not see the existence of this subscription model well.

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