Rocío Flores stands out from Ana María Aldón: "We each know what we have at home"

The AR program Rocío Flores Carrasco

Rocío Flores has been very clear in addressing the issue of what her relationship with Ana María Aldón is like and has taken the opportunity to make a new comment in support of Ortega Cano

Among the fronts that Rocío Flores had open this morning, there has been that of his relationship with Ana María Aldón. Since the designer uncovered that her marriage to Ortega Cano is not going through its best moment, the situation has also affected the young woman in some way. Since then there have been several reports such as the one given exclusively by ‘Lecturas’ about Rocío turning her back on Ortega Cano’s wife because she does support Rocío Carrasco and others about the fact that both she and Gloria Camila would have done something ugly to her. Today he has made it clear again what his relationship with her is like and has valued his latest interventions.The first thing that Rocío Flores wanted to defend is that “There is a majority now on that side, but I haven’t said anything rude to him.” Next, he has assured that his relationship with Ana María Aldón is good. “I have a good relationship with her, I have a better relationship with my tete (that’s how she refers to Ortega Cano), but that doesn’t mean I treat her badly or speak badly or rudely”, she commented on how her behavior with the designer. But beyond this, if something interests you is “it seems honest to me to emphasize that Ortega goes out of his way for his family and his children.”Rocío Flores in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’. Telecinco In an attempt to stand out, Rocío Flores has said that “I live in Malaga and each one of us knows what we have in our house”. The daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores has added that in conflicts of this type, “everyone is free to say what they want, and each one sets their limits, I am clear about the limits I set.” Some limits among which is not having read Ana María the booklet about what she has to say on television. “I want to make it clear and I have seen it, I find it shameful that we have been able to read the primer, nor have I written to Ana María nor have I recriminated her for anything, ”he commented. And he has finished emphasizing that “I have no problem with her, I get along with her”.

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