Rocío Flores shows her routine with Manuel Bedmar after finally settling the rumors of a breakup

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After being caught in a resignation by Joaquín Prat, Rocío Flores has shown that everything is in order in her relationship with Manuel Bedmar. And the great plan with which they have started the week has been the definitive test

No doubts! The reconciliation between Rocío Flores and Manuel Bedmar is already a fact. The couple has gone through a small bump after being together for more than six years and, despite the fact that the rumors of infidelity have sounded louder than ever, they have decided to bet on everything they have built during all this time. A few days ago it was Manuel Bedmar in which he reappeared on social networks and published a most revealing image that confirmed that his relationship with Rocío Carrasco’s daughter continued to move forward, now she has been the one who has taken a step forward and has shown that her day to day is the same as always.After Joaquín Prat was caught in which he had no choice but to clarify what was happening with Manuel Bedmar, Rocío Flores has started the week (and spring) enjoying a family plan with her favorite boys. The young woman has enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Manuel Bedmar and his brother, David Flores and has immortalized the moment with a publication through ‘stories’ that confirms that her partner is still very involved with his in-laws: “The trio. Today I don’t have breakfast alone”Rocío Flores has written for all her Instagram followers.Rocío Flores having breakfast with Manuel Bedmar and David Flores. Instagram @rotrece In this way, the collaborator of The AR program radically settles all the rumors of a possible estrangement with Manuel Bedmar. But now, she opens a new front and it is that his attitudes in the space in which he works have raised suspicions and his colleagues are not at all in agreement with how he is dealing with the controversies that are splashing him. talk about what you want, when you want, without anyone marking the times. there is a thing called generosity with the program in which you work. and you have to have it“.

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