Rocío Carrasco’s forceful response to Alessandro Lequio when asked about her son

The AR program Rocío Carrasco

If there is something that Rocío Carrasco does not consent to, it is that her son David is talked about and she has made it very clear to Alessandro Lequio

Rocío Carrasco’s interview on ‘The AR Program’ has not left anyone indifferent. The daughter of Rocío Jurado You answered all but one question firmly., an issue that featured his son David Flores. After the meeting with Joaquín Prat, some of the usual collaborators of the television space entered the scene, a face to face with Alessandro Lequio in which the tension between them was palpable. We have to go back a year to the broadcast of ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’ when Rocío Carrasco referred to Alessandro Lequio with a lapidary phrase: “Dog does not eat dog”. This statement came after hearing the words that the collaborator had dedicated to him over the years and a way of creating certain similarities between the Italian and Antonio David Flores.Mediaset This Wednesday Alessandro participated in the interview and addressed Rocío. Leaving aside his testimony, she asked him why he does not maintain any kind of contact with his young son, “I can’t understand it (…) and even more so being a child in need of affection,” he pointed out. At that time, Carrasco stopped the collaborator’s feet and made it very clear that it is a subject that he does not intend to talk about: “I’m not going to tell about my son’s issue now. I’m not going to narrate it. It is a subject that is very painful for me and that when it has to be seen, it will be seen”, he settled. Not happy with the answer, Lequio inquired if Rocío was aware of his evolution apart from their null relationship. Visibly annoyed, the Rocío Carrasco’s daughter reminded the Italian that she does not want to talk about anything that has to do with the young man, at least for the moment.

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