Robinhood Stock Price? Robinhood IPO, Everything you need to know

Stock Market always seems very interesting to anyone. It always holds that little bit of surprise for the investors. From a superficial level, it may look like a game of chance or luck. But deep down, it’s all about proper knowledge and analysis. By having the appropriate knowledge, one can always play well. Robinhood is coming really forward these days. People are always very curious to know about Robinhood Stock Price and analysis. So if you want to know further about Robinhood. Then you are at the correct place.

Know everything about Robinhood here. From future predictions to the current situation of the stock market. Should you invest in or not? Get everything done here!

So What is Robinhood? 

  • Before knowing about Robinhood Stock Price, let’s focus on more details.
  • Robinhood Markets Inc. is basically an online brokerage company. It deals with stock trading and investing apps aimed at younger retail investors.

Robinhood stock price? Robinhood IPO, Everthing you need to know

  • Recently on March 23, 2021, the company has filed for a confidential IPO. IPO (Initial Public Offering).
  • The California-based company is valued at more than $40 Billion.
  • The App in itself is home to more than 5000± Stock options. Also gives you the option of the Top 7 Best Cryptocurrencies in the world.

Robinhood Stock Price:

Talking further about Robinhood IPO. Let’s get some real facts to know about it:

  1. In the latest funding round of it, it raised $2.4 Billion just from private investors. This can give you an idea of the High Potential it haves.
  2. Robinhood IPO has already grown more than 514% this year. This is clear proof of Growth in the market it’s having.
  3. In Order flow revenues of 2020, Robinhood has paid $682 Million. The money inflow is really profitable for investors.

More about Robinhood IPO:

Since we have got known about Robinhood Stock Price. Let’s know more about it. Robinhood offers two tiers of membership – Basic and Gold. The former is free and the latter costs $5 a month.

PFOF Payment For Order Flow is the biggest resource of it. It’s a kind of free exchange platform it provides to users. It is growing at an immense rate and will surely top the charts soon.

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