Releases Satori Editions May 2022

Releases Satori Editions May 2022

Satori Editions incorporates in this month of May two novelties to its catalog: A woman and warby Ango Sakaguchi, and the Catalan version of the book Hanakotoba. The language of the flowersby Alex Pler. In addition, the publisher will also publish a new edition from Musashi’s Lord’s Masked LifeJunichiro Tanizaki.

Title: A woman and war
Original title: Sensô to hitori no onna
Author/s: Ango Sakaguchi
Genres: drama, war
Format: Rustic. 135x210mm.
Status: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Satori Editions
Japanese Publisher:
See the complete file on A Woman and War The first of the novelties is A Woman and War, which will go on sale on May 2. Satori Ediciones publishes this work by Ango Sakaguchi, a compelling and heartbreaking story about the meaninglessness of war, in a paperback format. Your selling price will be €20.

The second of the novelties is the Catalan edition of Hanakotoba. The language of flowers, a dictionary with which its author, Alex Pler, intends to define unique words that illustrate emotions, objects and events that we have all experienced but that until now we did not know what to call them. It is a book of 216 pages which will go on sale next May 16 At a price of €16.00.

Lastly, the next May 9 will go on sale new edition from Musashi’s Lord’s Masked LifeJunichiro Tanizaki. Through this transgressive book, Tanizaki explores the limits of the most extreme sexuality in a medieval Japan ravaged by war. This can be purchased at a price of €21. Below is the complete list of Satori Ediciones releases for the month of May 2022: A Woman and War (Ango Sakaguchi) – €20.00 The Masked Life of Mr. Musashi (NE) (Junichiro Tanizaki) – €21.00 €Hanakotoba. The language of flowers (Alex Pler) – €16.00 Source: Satori Ediciones

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