Releases Moondust Editions April 2022

Releases Moondust Editions April 2022

Last Thursday April 7 Moondust Editions released its novelty for this month of April. This is the first volume of Sanctifya manhua written and illustrated by godsstation starring a dissatisfied exorcist who must solve a series of horrible supernatural murders. This first volume of 208 pages in black and white is for sale at the price of €11.95.

Title: Sanctify
Original Title: Sanctify (霊魂侵蝕)
Author/s: Godsstation
Genres: boy’s love, mystery
Format: Paperback softcover with dust jacket
Status: Finished (3 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Moondust Editions
Japanese Publisher:
See complete profile of Sanctify Lance Hunter is an exorcist dissatisfied with his profession who works undercover in London. When he considers a career change, the police come knocking on his door with a new case: a series of gruesome supernatural murders. As an exorcist, it is in Lance’s nature to detest all things demonic; so, with nothing to lose, he takes the case. At the crime scene he meets a policeman named William Gilbert, who turns out to be strangely helpful and even shows an unusual interest in looking after him. Apparently, William Gilbert is hiding something, something that leads him to approach Lance with a clear intention: the dark desire he harbors for him… Sanctify is a manhua written and illustrated by Godsstation, who began publishing in 2019. It is a BL supernatural and mystery which follows an exorcist, already completed and collected in a total 3 of volumes. Below is the detailed list of these and more Moondust Ediciones releases for this month of april 2022: Sanctify #1 (Godsstation) – €11.95 Source: Moondust Editions

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