Releases Milky Way Editions April 2022

Releases Milky Way Editions April 2022

Next day 28th of April Milky Way Editions will put up for sale releases For this month. The publishing house returns to present new titles that are added to its catalogue. On this occasion the publisher presents two novelties, two series long awaited by manga fans. The first of these is the first volume of confused first love by Aruko and Wataru Hinekure, an awkward love story starring well-intentioned high school students. The second is the release of the first volume of the current work by Shûzô Oshimi, Welcome Back Alicea story in which the author deals with such delicate issues as gender identity and doubts about one’s own sexuality in adolescence.

Title: Confused First Love
Original Title: Kieta Hatsukoi (消えた初恋)
Author/s: Aruko, Wataru Hinekure
Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Format: Paperback with soft cover and dust jacket 11.5 x 17 cm
Status: In publication (7 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Milky Way Editions
Japanese Publisher: Shueisha
See complete profile of Confusing first love Aoki likes Hashimoto, the girl who sits next to him in class. One day, when he asks to borrow her eraser, she sees that on it is written, along with a little heart, the name of the boy who sits in front of him: Ida. However, in a turn of events, Ida sees what’s in that rubber and thinks it’s Aoki’s, leading to a huge misunderstanding! A clumsy love story begins starring high school students full of good intentions!

Title: Welcome Back Alice
Original Title: Okaeri Alice (おかえりアリス)
Author/s: Shûzô Oshimi
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, School Life
Format: Paperback with soft cover and dust jacket 11.5 x 17.0 cm.
Status: In publication (4 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Milky Way Editions
Japanese Publisher: Kodansha
See complete profile of Welcome Back, Alice Neither «he» nor «she». You Only You.
Your return breaks all my schemes. Yôhei, Kei and Yui have grown up together. Entering high school, Yôhei begins to feel more than just friendship for Yui. However, one day he sees how she proposes to Kei and he kisses her. From that moment on, Yôhei stops talking to his best friend, who leaves the school by surprise shortly after, and continues pining for the girl from afar. Three years later, when they start high school, Yôhei and Yui are still classmates, and Kei reappears… Some series that arrive and others that end in the Milky Way Ediciones catalog. This is the case of Beast Complex with the third and last volume of this compilation of short stories by Paru Itagaki and that gave rise to the Beastars phenomenon. It also ends the publication of the fifth volume of the horror-mystery manga Noah of the Blood Sea by Yuu Satomi and the fourth and last volume from the series Lost in the Grass by Keigo Shinzo. Another that also says goodbye is the tender and funny story about the first love of some teenagers entitled Love at Fourteen with the publication of the 12th volume of the manga by Fuka Mizutani. In addition to all these titles, the Asturian publisher will continue with some of its series. Highlights the case of eleventh volume from Blue Period by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, which will feature a double edition: a normal edition and a special and limited edition which will include as an extra a coloring book as well as slight changes in the dust jacket and in the paperback cover of the volume. Complete this review of the releases of Milky Way Editions for the month of April Bakemonogatari volume 14 by Ishin Nishio and Oh! Great, the second volume of Destiny Terra… by Keiko Takemiya, the eleventh volume from Drifting Dragons by Taku Kuwabara, the volume 17 of Tomodachi game by Mikoto Yamaguchi and Yuki Sato and the tenth volume of Gobblers and dungeons by Ryôko Kui. Below is the detailed list of these Milky Way Editions releases for this month of april 2022 and that will be available on the website and in specialized bookstores from April 28: Bakemonogatari #14 (Ishin Nishio, Oh! Great) – €8.50Beast Complex #3 (Paru Itagaki) – €8.00Blue Period #11 (Tsubasa Yamaguchi) – €8.50 Blue Period #11 Special Edition (Tsubasa Yamaguchi) – €12.00 Confused First Love #1 (Aruko, Wataru Hinekure) – €8.00 Destination Terra… #2 (Keiko Takemiya) – €10.00 Drifting Dragons #11 (Taku Kuwabara) – €8.50 Love at Fourteen #12 (Fuka Mizutani) – €8.50 Noah of the Blood Sea #5 (Yuu Satomi) – €8.50 Lost in the Grass #4 (Keigo Shinzo) – €8.50Tomodachi game #17 (Mikoto Yamaguchi, Yuki Sato) – €8.00Dungeon Gobblers #10 (Ryôko Kui) – €8.50Welcome Back, Alice # 1 (Shûzô Oshimi) – €8.00 Source: Milky Way Editions

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