Releases Editions Fujur March 2022

Releases Editions Fujur March 2022

The next March 25th Fujur Editions will return to bookstores with a new manga title. The publisher will present as a novelty a single volume entitled rumspringaa Boys-Love manga with which Kaya Azuma debuts in our country and does so in a paperback paperback edition from B6 format (130×180 mm) and at a price of €8.50. From that same day this title will be available through the publisher’s website and in some specialized bookstores and in its first edition it will be accompanied by a gift postcard for the first edition. Those who purchase their copy through the Fujur Editions online store will get 2 more exclusive bookmarks while supplies last.

Title: Rumspringa
Original title: Rumspringa no Joukei (ラムスプリンガの情景)
Author/s: Kaya Azuma
Genres: drama, romance, slice of life
Format: Paperback with soft cover and dust jacket format B6
Status: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Fujur Editions
Japanese Publisher: Shinkousha
See Rumspringa’s complete file Oswald Carter is a dancer who abandons his dream of reaching Broadway and moves to a remote village where he works as a waiter and sells his body for money. One night he drags Theo, a young Amish who has just walked into his Rumspringan, into his room after mistaking him for a customer. Instead of abandoning him to his fate when he has nowhere else to go, Oswald takes care of this naive young man who is incapable of getting angry or thinking badly of people even if they make fun of his religious condition. As time passes by his side, the dancer finds what he could never find in New York and little by little falls in love with his partner.

Below is the list of Fujur Editions releases for the month of October 2021: My Sister’s Friend (Battan) – €8.50 Source: Fujur Editions

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