Redefining by GQ in an era persisting of a new masculinity

The GQ magazine has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan. An image of the Grammy winner- Pharrell William was witnessed there where he was dressed in Moncler coat, which was lemon yellow in color flowing past his feet and looked like a lily flower which was placed upside down, about to bloom.

He had his hands placed at his chest, with soft facial expressions and an overlay text, which stated “The New Masculinity Issue.”

The colors used in the image, the psychedelic typeface, generated thinking relating to whether GQ was still a magazine for men.

The editor-in-chief of GQ and GQ Style was Will Welch, and he said that the GQ magazine was just not focused only on the men.

Anyone who was interested and keen on seeing the world through a stylish filter could become avid readers of the GQ magazine.


He functions in accordance with the change in the landscape of the news and media industry keeping in mind new perspectives and perceptions relating to men and masculinity.

He could clearly see the need to redefine the GQ magazine as to turn it into something which was actually the way a men’s magazine should be, and this was possible because he saw scope in this 88-year-old publication when he first joined.

He was determined to bring about a personal evolution in the life of all its readers, irrespective of their gender.

He went on to say that even men can wear dresses, use makeup, and get pedicures since there is no definite way of being a man.

GQ was started as Apparel Arts in the year 1931 as a men’s fashion magazine and later on changed its name to Gentlemen’s Quarterly and then eventually to GQ.

In 2016, GQ launched, GQ Style to explore the fashion and luxury industry even further.

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