Red Shoes episode 87: Release date and Spoilers


Red Shoes episode 87 Analysis

Red Shoes episode 87 | This highly exciting Korean drama series has So yi-hun playing the lead character. This series is based on the life of the protagonist who has been mistreated by her mother. Everything seems pretty normal and she accepts the mistreatment until one day, she is fed up with it. Her mother extends this treatment to her father and brother. The protagonist puts her foot down and decided to take revenge on her mother. The drama follows the life that she chooses next. The genre of the series is drama, revenge, and melodrama. The series was released on July 5, 2021 and is still continuing. The series has a total of 100 episodes. The director of the show is Park Gi-hyeon. The series is written by Hwang Soon-young. The original network of the show is KBS. This series was created for television by the team effort of Lee Jung-mi, Jung Woo-jin, and KBS Drama Division. The stellar cast of the show includes Choi Myung-gil, So yi hun, Park Yoon-jae , Shin Jung-yoon among others. The series has an amazing soundtrack and the composer of the music isĀ  Choi In-hee.

Red Shoes episode 87

The 87th Episode of the series will be aired on television on 23 November 2021. The original network of the show is KBS. The plot of the drama series is closing soon therefore, it will become even more intense. The fans are eagerly waiting for the plot twists and the chase of the protagonist to finally take vengeance from her mother. She has been joined by another person who has been wronged in the past by her mother. Kim Jem Ma looks like she will stop at nothing to finally take her revenge for herself and her family. She has even rejected the proposal of the man who truly loved her from the beginning.

Where To watch Red Shoes episode 87

For Korean viewers, this series is showcased on the KBS network at 7:50 KST every day from Mon-Fri. So for our Korean viewers, you just have to set up a reminder for the scheduled date and time to watch the series at the comfort space of their homes. As for our other viewers, there are several online websites that are showcasing the series. These include Viu and Rakuten Viki. All you require is to fill up your credentials to sign up on the website. Once this procedure is done, you are eligible to log in and enjoy the show. It would be better to take up a monthly subscription as it will help you to watch the show at ease without any ad breaks. Both the platforms provide a wide range of Korean dramas that will surely belong to your taste. You can also download the episodes on any of your to watch them later. You can enjoy your viewing experience according to your taste without any hustle.


Here is a preview of the next episode which showcases our beloved Kim jem ma.


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