Red Hot Chili Peppers and Miley Cyrus in the news of the week

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ twelfth studio album is the star of the week’s record releases. It is the first since ‘The getaway’ (2016) was released in 2016, a collection of 17 tracks, although apparently they even had material for fifty, for which they chose the title of Unlimited love. An album that marks the return of guitarist John Frusciante, and for which they returned to work with Rick Rubin on production tasks, after having collaborated on his previous work with Danger Mouse. According to the components of the combo, each of the new songs is a facet “that reflects our vision of the universe. This is the mission of our life.” The world tour starts on June 4 in Seville, with a stop next in Barcelona. The first advance was Black summer.Miley Cyrus dedicates her first live album, Attention: Miley Live, to her followers, with up to 20 cuts, including versions -by Blondie, Madonna and Dolly Parton-, mashups -with Prince and Pixies-, songs since the beginning of his career, and two unpublished ones. Among the previews, he premiered Wrecking ball x Nothing compares 2 U, perhaps the most important song of his career along with one of Prince Rogers Nelson’s masterpieces. The Norwegian Sondre Lerche publishes Avatars of love, a collection with the participation of Rodrigo Alarcon and Ana Müller, CHAI, Felica Douglass and Mary Lattimore. As a first preview ‘Dead of the night’, a 10-minute track, although for the playlist we chose the track that provides the title to the work as a whole. Los Rebujitos, Yerai Blanco’s musical project, returns to the fray with Marniatico, an album made up of 13 songs, with ‘Este amor’ and Por si me forgetras as previews.Tato Latorre and the people at Blind Records were in charge of producing Karaoke, Suu’s third album, made up of “eight optimistic songs who seek to make a party of drama, reconciliation and falling in love”. Includes a version of ‘In love with youth fashion’ by Radio Futura. As a preview Note of voice. Also in circulation are new albums by Joe Crepúsculo, Carpenter Brut, Thomas Rhett, María Villalón (EP) and Lights.

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