Ray-Ban Stories are now available in Spain with a price of 329 euros

by Juan Antonio Soto 1 hour ago

Goal announced last September its new Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, glasses in collaboration with the manufacturer specializing in sunglasses Ray Ban. Now Meta announces that are already available in Spain and that can be purchased from the Ray-Ban website or brand distributors at a price of 329 euros. Ray-Ban Stories come in 3 different models and various colors which will be extended to everyone starting in April. New features added are also expected for the next month.
Geeknetic Ray-Ban Stories are now available in Spain with a price of 329 euros 1
As we have mentioned, from April will have new functions these new smart glasses from Meta and Ray-Ban, among them we find: The recording time is extended, which is currently limited to 30 seconds, up to 60 seconds. Sounds will be added so you can know when your battery is running low. You will be able to use voice commands, although at the moment they are only available in English. You can also send messages, make calls and listen to voice notes from Messenger, although for the moment it is only available in English. The Facebook View application will be available in Spanish.
Geeknetic The Ray-Ban Stories are now available in Spain with a price of 329 euros 2
Remember that these glasses have a dual 5 MP camera to take photos and record videos. In addition, they have some speakers with which you can listen to music or notifications from your mobile phone applications, they also have 3 microphones so you can make calls or video calls with the best quality. With Facebook View you can share your photos and videos on different social networks.
Geeknetic Ray-Ban Stories are already available in Spain with a price of 329 euros 3
Although it is something that we already imagined, these glasses record everything you are seeing and for this Meta urges us to use them wisely and respect privacy of others. Meta has published guides on the correct use of her glasses and the respect the privacy of others, as an example they tell us that you can turn off the glasses when we enter a private place or notify the rest of the people that you are recording with your glasses. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!

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