Raquel Bollo tells how Olga Moreno is with a message for Antonio David

Live life Raquel Bollo

Raquel Bollo has had a conversation with her friend Olga Moreno and has not hesitated to make public where she is after her breakup with Antonio David Flores

Raquel Bollo is a close friend of Olga Moreno for years. In fact, the still wife of Antonio David Flores did not hesitate to support the designer and attended her debut on the SIMOF catwalk despite the commotion that was created around her presence. After a week in which Marta Riesco spoke about her wedding plans with Antonio David Flores It is inevitable to think about how the other protagonist of this love triangle is doing. “He has his lows”admitted Raquel confirming that the ex-survivor found out about her husband’s relationship with the reporter from ‘El Programa de AR’ through the Lecturas exclusive. Regardless of her personal situation, Olga Moreno’s top priority is the well-being of the children, especially his daughter Lola, who is still very young: “She is very positive and strong but she has to accept it. Her priority for her is the children, that they assume everything and be well”Raquel told this Saturday in ‘Viva la vida’.Raquel Bollo reveals how Olga Moreno Mediaset is doing. In addition, she wanted to make public that at the moment neither Olga nor Antonio David “they have never talked about separation papers. Neither her, nor him”, he sentenced. So those wedding plans that Marta Riesco was talking about will have to wait. Visibly upset by the damage that the media exposure of Marta and Antonio David’s relationship is doing to her friend, Raquel Bollo took advantage of her intervention to send a message to Rocío Flores’ father: “Think a little about the person who has been by your side for so many years and especially about the children,” explained the collaborator while including Marta in the equation Risky. “I understand that you have to be happy but hey…cut it down a bit. You don’t need to speak so much publicly if you don’t want to be a public figure“, sentenced.

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