Qualcomm launches the world’s first WiFi 7 solution, the FastConnect 7800

by Juan Antonio Soto 30 minutes ago MWC 2022 Qualcomm has presented the world’s first WiFi 7 solutionthis is possible thanks to its new family chip for wireless connectivity, the new Fast Connect 7800. WiFi 7 has arrived to meet new user demands and make possible new services that are increasingly used in homes. His speed has increased up to 240% compared to the previous WiFi 6 versionreaching up to 5.8Gbps. In addition, it has a low latency that makes it ideal for cloud games, less than 2 milliseconds. We have a complete guide on WiFi 7 where you can check all the news.
Geeknetic Qualcomm launches the world's first WiFi 7 solution, the FastConnect 7800 1he new Qualcomm FastConnect is capable of simultaneously connecting to 5 and 6 GHz networks to boost bandwidth. It also supports Qualcomm 4-Stream DBS (2×2 + 2×2) technology, thus achieving low latency while avoiding congested 2.4 GHz networks. Its low latency of less than 2ms offers an ideal system for cloud gamingwhere low latency is vital to help you win fast action games.
Geeknetic Qualcomm launches the world's first WiFi 7 solution, the FastConnect 7800 2
All this is done with a reduced consumption of between 30 and 50% compared to the most demanded uses of WiFi connections. The new Qualcomm FastConnect also has Dual Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooh 5.3) to connect your peripherals such as headphones or speakers, with Dual Bluetooth you will have a greater range and the connection time between devices is reduced. Qualcomm will have available this new chip Fast Connect 7800 for the second half of this year 2022. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!

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