Qualcomm dominates the market for phones above $ 300 and Mediatek the sub $ 299

by Juan Antonio Soto 5 minutes ago It’s been almost a year since we announced as Mediatek has surpassed Qualcomm in terms of supplier of processors for mobile phones it means. This has a clear meaning, Qualcomm has moved towards offering increasingly efficient and powerful high-end solutions while Mediatek has stayed in the mid-range and entry-level field while also offering some high-end products, but what fail to outperform Qualcomm.
Geeknetic Qualcomm dominates the $300+ phone market and Mediatek the $299+ phone market 1
According to the report published by Counterpoint Research and that we can see in Gizmochina this is demonstrated, where the greatest growth during 2021 for Mediatek has been in the mid-range and entry-level market with Android terminals under $299. Those phones include Mediatek processors from the Dimensity 700, 800 series and from the Helio range. However, Qualcomm has obtained a 50% market share when the phones over $300.
Geeknetic Qualcomm dominates the $300+ phone market and Mediatek the $299+ phone market 2
This seems to be because last year there was a greater shortage of chips and Qualcomm decided to prioritize its highest-end processors. Thus, the phone manufacturers that were including the Snapdragon 400 and 600 series made the leap to their rival Mediatek within this price range. Mediatek has processors compatible with 5G networks with a good quality price ratio that manufacturers have trusted for their devices. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!

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