Putin threatens to respond "lightning fast" who tries to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to respond “ultra-quickly” to who tries to intervene in the Ukraine conflict from abroad and creates “a threat” against the Eurasian country. “If someone intends to interfere in the ongoing events (the invasion) from the outside and create a nature of strategic threats, they should know that our response to counterattacks will be ultra-fast”, Putin pointed out in a meeting with legislators, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. Putin has added that Russia has “all the tools” to respond. “Those that no one can brag about now. And we’re not going to brag. We’ll use them if necessary and I want everyone to know,” she emphasized. The Russian president has insisted that hehe objectives of the “special military operation” – the Russian euphemism for invasion – “will be met unconditionally” and has emphasized that it seeks to “guarantee the security of the residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, Russian Crimea and all of Russia in historical perspective.” In addition, Putin has once again ensured that the Russian invasion has prevented “a real danger that was already looming” over Russia. “With courage, determination and heroism, a large-scale conflict has been prevented that would have developed on our territory, but according to someone else’s scenarios,” he said. As for the sanctions imposed by allied countries in retaliation for the invasion, the Russian president has indicated that the attempt to “economically strangle” Russia “has failed”.

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