Putin signs a decree to recruit more than 130,000 additional soldiers in the midst of the war with Ukraine

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has signed this Thursday a decree that allows recruiting more than 130,000 additional people to join the Army in the midst of war with Ukraine. “From April 1 to July 15, the recruitment of citizens of ages between 18 and 27 years who are not in the reserve and are subject to conscription for military service in accordance with Russian law,” the decree states. According to the document, to which the Interfax news agency has had access, it indicates that this will affect 134,500 people. Likewise, the president has informed that all those soldiers, sailors and sergeants will be allowed to withdraw from the Army. whose term of military service has expired. In this sense, he has urged the Government and the commissions involved to guarantee “the implementation” of these measures before the increased tension following the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

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