Putin Fighting Major Russian Coup, Says Ukrainian General

Putin Fighting Major Russian Coup, Says Ukrainian General

The recent Russia-Ukraine war has sparked a lot of controversies all around the world especially due to the way the Russian forces have launched a full-scale attack on their neighbouring country. There has been a high number of casualties on both sides and it seems that the war will not stop anytime soon. It has been speculated that the Russian Government which primarily includes the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is not happy to see the strong resistance of the Ukrainian forces as he thought it would take a few days to completely demolish and overtake Ukraine. 

What Did the Ukrainian General Say?

The Ukrainian General, Kyrylo Budanov has come up with very serious claims in his recent interview on Sky News. He alleged that the Russian President is suffering from cancer and other terminal diseases. In fact, when he was asked about the outcome of the war, his answer seemed to be quite optimistic and confident. He said that the war will be over by the middle of August this year, mainly due to the inner conflicts that are taking place between the Russian President and the Russian Government. There have already been several sources that claimed that even a large number of the Russian population is not happy with Putin’s decision in this war and there is a considerable amount of anti-Putin sentiment in the country. According to Budanov, Putin might fall the victim to a Russian coup that has already been in progress and we might see its effect as early as August this year. This might mark a new beginning not only for Russia but also for the global political sphere. 

When Budanov was asked about the authenticity of his claims or whether it was his propaganda or not, he assured in a positive tone that it is his job, to tell the truth, and keep track of foreign affairs. 

Putin Fighting Major Russian Coup, Says Ukrainian General

Is Putin Really Fighting a Major Russian Coup?

It is very hard to tell what happens inside Russia. It is a highly secretive country that keeps all the details within itself. As far as the Ukrainian General’s allegations are concerned, only time will tell how much of his claims are true and legitimate. The Soviet Republic has already seen a coup before in the early 20th century by Vladimir Lenin which marked a new beginning for Russia and its government. It is not yet known if there is a coup being staged in Russia to overthrow Putin’s rule, and who is behind it. 

Besides, it is also highly unlikely that the person who will be replacing him as the President will be much different from the current President of Russia. 

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