Putin defends the total invasion and assures that "almost all of Ukraine’s military infrastructure has been destroyed"

Putin has further threatened that any other country that attempts to close Ukrainian airspace will be declared by Moscow to be “a participant in hostilities”.

The Russian President Vladimir Putinha defended this saturday as “absolutely correct” your decision of completely invade Ukraine beyond the related areas of the Donbas region, in the east of the country. The president has also assured that, at this stage of the incursion “Almost the entire military infrastructure of Ukraine has been destroyed and the elimination of air defense is almost complete”, according to statements collected by the TASS agency. On the debate around the possible creation of a no-fly zone over UkraineAs Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has been insisting to NATO for days, Putin has assured that any other country that tries to close Ukrainian airspace will be declared by Moscow as “a participant in hostilities”. Finally, Putin has assured that has no intention of declaring “martial law” in Russia because he sees no “reasons for it”. “Martial law is introduced in case of external aggression, in Russia there is no such situation now and hopefully there will be no such situation,” she said.

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