Professional Bodybuilder Stacey Cummings Passed Away: Know The Real Cause Of Death

On April 20 2022, news came that professional Female Bikini bodybuilder Stacey Cummings passed away. The real cause of death was unknown at that time but certain theories have been cropping up now. Read the article to know what IFBB Pro Women’s icon was facing and had a tragic end to her life. 

This Powerhouse of a woman achieved various feats at such a young age. Stacey cummings passed away at 31 years of age which has left many of her acquaintances and loved ones in shock. 

Know about Stacey Cummings 

Stacey Cummings was a professional female bodybuilder and an IFBB Pro women’s figure. Recently in 2021, she secured 12th place in IFBB Texas Pro in Bikini. Being at the peak of her career, the news of Stacey Cummings passing away came as a real shocker for the bodybuilding world. Born in Lakeland, Florida, and brought up in Texas, Stacey debuted in female bodybuilding in 2013. Her first achievement was obtaining her IFBB Pro card acquiring first place in her figure class at the NPC National championships held in 2016.

It was just the beginning, after that she won various tournaments and contests making her one of the best female bodybuilders in America. At the business level, she also co-owned Flex Fitness 247 Gym. Talking about her personal life, she shared two children with her ex-husband Bryant Fought and resided in McKinney, Texas.

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The Real Cause of Stacey’s death

Stacey cummings passed away

Stacey Cummings passed away tragically and unexpectedly in April this year. The real cause of her death was unknown and was not available immediately. A couple of months have passed and some word has been brewing up that she died peacefully in her sleep. However, it can not be confirmed how much truth is there in this update. This is the only cause of death that has come out since her passing.

Kelly Lynn was the first person to report and confirm Stacey’s death to the world. She had been Stacey’s Fellow IFBB pro. Kelly expressed utmost grief over the passing of her beloved friend and colleague. Both have competed in three tournaments together including the one in 2016 in which cummings earned her Pro card. Kelly’s Instagram post had the caption-

“Unbelievable to hear of Stacey Cummings passing. What a beautiful woman. I can’t believe it. We did 3 shows together in 2020 and I was at Nationals when she turned pro. How crazy. Just 31 years old. She also has 2 kids. Heartbreaking.

It is so incredibly sad to see so many people pass away as of late. I don’t know her full story as to what happened, I just know she overcame many demons in her past. This one hit home.

May she rest in peace”

Stacey Cummings passed away

Stacey cummings passed away

Stacey Cummings passed away at a time when many other bodybuilders left the world. The news of her death came just a few months after another bodybuilding champion Cedric McMillan went to the grave. McMillan was ready to make a comeback after managing his health condition. But unfortunately, it couldn’t happen.

National Physique Committee of Texas section officially announced Stacey cummings untimely and unfortunate death. After this news, all of her friends, family, and acquaintances poured condolence messages. 

We would also express our deepest condolences to her family.

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