Prince’s ‘Camille’ Release Announced

The 1980s had Prince as a great musical reference. Apart from his official albums, there are other unreleased projects that remained stalled, such as Camille from 1986, an album that was going to be released under a female alter ego with high-pitched voices. It was shelved shortly after receiving a test press. Now Ben Blackwell, co-founder of Third Man Records, has told Mojo: “We’re finally getting it out. The Prince people agreed, almost too easy.” “Camille” includes eight tracks, all officially released. Housequake, Strange relationship and If I was your girlfriend -of which Shockadelica is side B- are part of ‘Sign o’ the Times’ (1987). Good love appears on the soundtrack of the movie ‘Bright lights, big city’ (1988). Feel u up is the B-side of “Partyman”, from the soundtrack of ‘Batman’ (1989). Rockhard in a funky place is on ‘The Black Album’ (1987). And lastly, Rebirth of the flesh, was recently added to the 2020 super deluxe reissue of ‘Sign o’ the Times.’ like “Kiss”, “Girls & boys”, “Anotherloverholenyohead” and “Sometimes it snows in April”.

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